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Project Sunset

The Veronica Faul Foundation (VFF) Sunset Project is dedicated to empowering those who have found themselves living in the apparent hopeless devastation of the Sihanoukville Dump near Sihanoukville, Cambodia.

The Sihanoukville dumpsite is located about 20 km outside of the town centre. There are approximately 20 families that live and work on the dumpsite, scavenging recyclable materials which they hope to sell so that they can buy food to feed themselves and their families.

Life on the dumpsite is very hard and dangerous. The air is filled with the appalling stench of smoldering trash. The water is foul, fetid, polluted and disease-ridden. Flies are everywhere.

Adults and children alike scavenge the dump looking for recyclable items that might earn them 25-50 cents each day — if they’re lucky.

Education is an unknown luxury as is innocent childhood play.

There is no medical or dental care and no legal help. These people have few options and no political power. There is seemingly little way out of the spiral of poverty.

One aid worker described the situation as “the closest thing to hell I’ve ever seen”.

VFF seeks to empower the dis-empowered of Sihanoukville Dump by providing them with skills and resources to begin a new life away from the miserable imprisonment of the dump.

With generous donations from people such as you, VFF can continue to do its valuable work to demonstrate that empowerment lasts a lifetime!

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