Steel Magnolias

Steel Magnolias

The Veronica Faul Foundation (VFF) is dedicated to empowering rape survivors and their families.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


The mission of the Veronica Faul Foundation – Steel Magnolia’s Rape Survivor Support Group, is to provide counseling and support to rape survivors and their families. To prevent Secondary Trauma.  Open a Safe House for rape survivors who need protection for their as well as battered woman and their children and to empower both the woman and their children to make well planned choices for their futures.

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Veronica Faul Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to help survivors of rape and abuse overcome their trauma and claim back their lives.

Friends and family of the survivor are not prepared when informed what happened to a loved one and are also in shock. In most cases they don’t even think about essential items or the support the survivor would need to help them through the next few hours after the incident.

Police confiscate underwear and clothes for forensic tests, and if she is on her own, she would need much more to cope during the report and questioning process when laying a charge at hospital.

VFF’s Steel Magnolias, qualified counselor, responds to help survivors and families by a taking a Care Package to hospitals and police stations when a case of rape is reported.


  • Emergency counseling
  • Crisis intervention
  • Available 24/7 for emergency counseling and support
  • Assistance with laying charges at police station and admittance to hospital
  • Health Education and Wellness Programs with relevant Literature
  • NLP Therapy by qualified counselor. (Therapy also available for loved ones.)
  • Support during visit to the police station
  • Support during post rape HIV blood tests
  • Make certain that she will not enter the same examination room on follow up visits
  • Temporary accommodation where needed


Speak in their own language where possible.Listen attentively and respectfully. Treat every person with respect and  dignity.Adhere to their wishes as far as possible.Respect culture, language, gender,   religion, race,  and sexual orientation

Prevent Secondary Trauma

When rape victim’s needs are not met by the very people they turn to for help the effects can be quite devastating. Because traumatic incidents invariably cause damageto relationships, people in the survivor’s world have the power to influence theeventual outcome of the trauma. In the aftermath of rape survivor’s are extremely vulnerable. Their sense of self has been shattered and their faith in the world as a safe place has been destroyed. Rebuilding some form of trust, even if it is minimal,is the primary task of anyone wanting to help a rape survivor.

Secondary victimization has been defined as “the victim-blaming attitudes, behaviors and practices engaged in by community service providers, which further the rape event resulting in additional trauma for the rape survivors”. But it is not the only cause of extending the trauma for survivors. Secondary trauma stems from three main causes:
  • An acceptance of certain myths and stereotypes about rape leads to personnel treating victims in an insensitive manner
  • Personnel refuse to provide any assistance at all or refuse some form of assistance
  • Even if assistance is offered and even if it is offered in a sensitive manner the procedures themselves are traumatic

With generous donations from people such as you, VFF can continue to do its valuable work to demonstrate that empowerment lasts a lifetime!

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